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Friday, September 22, 2006

How To Triple Your Website Profits Fast

Want an easy, quick way to dramatically increase the profits from your website?

Then let me share an easy way that has transformed websites from making small, unreliable profits into online money-making powerhouses that pull in thousands of dollars in consistent profits each and every month.

In fact, using this strategy which I'm about to share, I was able to turn a website around, taking it from monthly earnings of about $300 to a website that started making $7,000 a month or more.

So, what's the secret? What can you do to start making a lot more money from your website?

Let me explain ...

Through a 3-step strategy, I've created a guide that I've used over and over again to create websites that produce bigger profits. And now, here's my exact blueprint for you to follow...

Step #1: Take A Hard Look At Your Current Website

Slow sales usually happen when a website isn't following a strict set of rules. I call these, "Rules Of Highly Profitable Websites", and when I first look at a website with the plan to make it more profitable, I see that it's following the "rules" below.

First, take a look at your conversion statistics. If you're not sure what conversion is, it is the rate at which you're making sales. For instance, a 1% conversion means you need to have an average of 100 new visitors to your website to make one sale. To see your conversion rate, check how many sales you've made after 1,000 new people have visited your website. Then, make the calculations. 10 sales in this period means you're converting at 1%, which is quite low in most cases. But worry not. With a few changes, you can easily boost your conversion rate to a higher 3% or better ... meaning you instantly start tripling your income.

Next, look at your sales copy. Good sales copy will make or break your website. So if you're not bringing in big sales, it's time to change your sales copy to boost your conversion rate. As a professional copywriter, I've been able to create website sales letters that have pulled in 5% conversions ... and sometimes I've even done better. By changing your sales copy, you could instantly explode your base profits. I took a website from making about $900 a month to making over $4,000 a month by changing the sales letter. And that difference in money is well worth the expense of hiring a proven copywriter to make your sales copy as strong as it can be.

Finally, check out your website design. Studies show that if you have a website that looks unprofessional, it can kill sales because people click away as soon as they see your website design. So if your website isn't of professional quality, hire a good web designer.

Step #2: Collect Information From Potential Customers

Did you know that most visiting your website will not buy from you? That means that you're missing out on a lot of potential sales if you only have one chance to get visitors to place an order.

Studies also show that on average, it takes a few different contacts before a prospect will make the decision to buy. Just look at TV commercials. They play over and over again because many people ignore them the first times they see them, but then finally take notice and pay attention. But in the online world, we usually don't get the chance to expose prospects to our offer time and time again. That is, unless you have a way of capturing information from prospects so you can expose them to your offer again and again.

The key to collecting contact information from those visiting your website is to offer them something they really want, without charging them for it. I find that the perfect item to offer is a free email course based on the product or service you're offering. By offering a free email course, you can give something of value (information), to those that are visiting your website that doesn't cost you money to give away.

To collect a lot of contact information -- I've collected contact information from as many as 97% of people visiting my website -- you have to offer an email course that they can't find anywhere else, that is tightly focused around your website offer so everyone will want it, and you need to write an effective sales letter offering the course for free.

Let me give you an example...

My website, is where I offer my copywriting, web design, and marketing services. I created a free 7-page report called
"How Anyone Can Find Hidden Profit Streams Inside Of Their Existing Website That Can Start Generating Thousands of Extra $$$ Overnight"! I wrote a sales letter offering the report, but wrote it with all the gusto I would use if I was trying to sell the report. And because of this approach, a lot of people gave me their email address and name.

Then, using an autoresponder service, when someone entered their information the autoresponder would automatically send the report to their email address. Then, every couple of days, the autoresponder would send them another email message selling them on using my services. I had a total of 7 autoresponder messages sent out automatically, and they started making me a lot more sales that I would have never made if I hadn't followed up with prospects that didn't order from me the first time (and perhaps only time), they visited my website.

Collecting information from your prospects will definitely improve your website conversion when you use their information for follow-up contact to keep your offer in front of them. But there's also more ways to make money after collecting prospect information, and I'll explain how in the next step.

Step #3: Sell To Your Contact Database Over And Over Again

A contact database filled with prospects that you know are interested in the subject your free report or course is based on, can provide an unlimited source of income.

Let's say you offer a free course that teaches people how to work from home. Anyone giving you their information is telling you they are interested in working from home. So, aside from selling your main work from home product, you can now start finding or creating other products for people that want to work from home, and send new messages out to your database offering these products.

Selling through your database is as easy as finding affiliate programs with products that your prospects will want. With affiliate products, you usually get a percentage of profits each time you make a sale. And these profits can add up quickly, making you thousands more each month.

Using these 3 steps, you can boost your profits dramatically, taking a website that makes $1,000 a month to one pulling profits of $7,000 ... $10,000 ... even $20,000 or more a month! That's reason enough to put these steps to use on your own website.

Of course, if you need help, get in touch. I would be happy to answer any questions or actually do the work for you to help you make more money from your website. Just visit my website at the link below, or send me an email.


Grady Smith


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